Regulatory Compliance

PhotoIn this area of practice, we advise boards of directors, trustees and management teams in commercial banks, financial institutions, private companies, trust funds, religious institutions, non governmental organizations and various other commercial and charitable bodies on how they can effectively discharge their duties particularly in the current environment where regulators increasingly seek to hold directors/trustees/managers accountable for failures in their organizations or products.

The Firm is composed of the members who possess vast experience in advising various clients on matters ranging from the regulatory aspects of their registrations, restructurings, annual statutory filings, taxation and employment. In response to an increased demand from clients for advice and assistance on matters relating to compliance, we have established a dedicated regulatory compliance advisory practice.

We provide advice and assistance to our clients in relation to changes in the country’s laws and regulations. Tanzania being a growing nation in a changing world, new laws and or regulatory requirements arise and change regularly. In such circumstances, our legal team works to update clients on the likely impact of those changes in their operations with practical suggestions for solutions and adjustments to their systems to ensure compliance with them.

We also conduct regulatory audits as a "stand alone" request, or as part of preparation of directors’ or trustees’ compliance statements under the relevant laws establishing their organizations or as a supplement to internal audit or legal and compliance teams. The focus is to advise and assist clients in reviewing and amending their compliance systems and procedures to enable them satisfy themselves that they comply with all the country’s and their organizational legal and regulatory requirements.